Down a long and winding path through the trees, tucked away in a corner of the world, there is a clearing. It is peaceful, it is quiet. The sun is shining. There’s a light warm breeze and if you listen closely you can hear the flowing river near by. He walks further out into this clearing coming upon a room made of glass. He moves in closer. Inside of this room made of glass it is dark and gray except for some light coming from the middle of the room. Inching closer he tries to see what is inside. The darkness clears and he sees a figure. A woman. She is wearing a silk white dress and her soft hair flows past her shoulders. He is taken back by her beauty and her light. Forgetting about the darkness that surrounds her, he is enthralled. Closer still he moves. Reaching for her, he is stopped by the glass. Looking around he notices the woman is sitting in a chair. Chains weighing her body down. She is able to look out of the glass and see the light around her but she can never touch it. The world spinning around her, the people passing by but she is trapped inside a black room. He looks back up at the woman and she sits looking back at him. “Say something” he thinks to himself. She is screaming but her lips cannot move. Inside her mind she is screaming out to be let free, to be seen, to be heard, to be felt and to feel. She is screaming but cannot move. He sees her and he wants to get her out. Frustrated he starts banging on the glass. She wishes she could get up and let him in. She hopes he can break the walls. He doesn’t want to leave her here alone. “I’ll be back” he says through the glass. When he returns he has a strong bat in hand. Immediately he starts to slam the bat into the glass. Over and over he tries to crack through. She watches him, pained by his efforts. The walls can only come down from the inside. First she must escape the chains for which there is no key. If she struggles the chains wrap tighter around her. He doesn’t understand why he cannot break the glass and she doesn’t know how to escape.

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