I imagine a quiet place. There I am alone. There’s a cool spring breeze that teases me with the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers. The sunlight wraps its arms tight around my body. I am warm. I imagine I am walking through a tall wheat field. barefoot. The earth beneath my feet is sturdy with a little give but it is strong and it will hold me. I am not worried. I am not worried about the ticks or the spiders or the ants or any other form of insect or bug that’s curiosity would peak to the point of having crawled or flown onto my being. I am not worried about how dirty my feet will be or how, as I walk barefoot, one or both of my feet could become cut or injured in some way leading to an infection. I am not worried about getting taken against my will. I am not worried about a million other things that constantly run and bounce around inside my head. I am not worried because here. In this moment. I feel content. The palms of my hands graze the top of the wheat as I hold my arms out to my sides parallel to the ground, feeling the breeze pass by me. I feel loved. In the distance I hear unknown children laughing as they play. The creaking of the old metal swings take me back to my own childhood. I smile at the thought of the children’s joy. Their carefree ‘throwing caution to the wind’ attitudes. I close my eyes as I walk taking slow deep breaths of air into my lungs. I am wearing a long summer dress that stops slightly above my ankles and that hugs my body in the right places and flows eloquently in the others. My hair has light waves in it.
Breathe in. . . . Breathe out. . . . Breathe in. . . . Breathe out. . . .
This is not my reality though as I have no field and I would never not be worried. But I can close my eyes and imagine. Imagine a quiet mind and a calm body. Drowning out the busy noise of the world. And imagining total acceptance for all that has been and all that will be. I close my eyes. I am at peace. If only for a moment.

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