I want to scream and cry and destroy that which surrounds me, but I am too tired. I am immobilized from the inside out. I am trapped inside a body that has given up. The voices screaming to move but it refuses. The voices screaming you are useless, you are worthless, you’ll never do anything. It lies down and listens. I am floating face up in the vast ocean. Staring at the empty sky. Unknown things below me. The dark clouds roll in and the thunder roars. The water turns cold. Waves come crashing in, pulling me under. I am spinning unable to breathe. I am a puppet to these waves. I am being thrown into the things that lurk beneath the surface. I am alone and there is no one to pull me out. I cannot swim to the top and I cannot beat the relentless hits of the water. If this storm does not subside, if this water does not calm, I will surely drown.

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