Open Heart (poem written at 15)

Here is one I wrote in creative writing class in high school two months before I turned 16. Enjoy 🙂

As the world crumbles around me I see you standing still,

I said I’d be okay but I give in to your will.

I said I wouldn’t fall for the same mistakes again,

but I keep returning I don’t know where to begin.

I said I’d stay strong I wouldn’t let it get to me,

but it always turns out I’m trying to hold onto something that wants to be free.

So I keep hitting rock-bottom over and over so many times,

I can’t even get the right things out through any of my rhymes.

So take this as you will and do what you usually do.

Just know I’m completely lost without you.

Time continues passing me by I’m almost to the end,

the only thing to do is say goodbye, goodbye to you my friend.

Can’t you see these tears don’t you see whats happening to me,

take a look and try to understand I’m addicted to your cruelty.

Tell me again how could I get so carried away,

I have never been so weak it gets worse through every day.

I can’t pretend and lie and say that I am okay,

but all I really wish for is just one more day.

I thought I saw something different when I looked into your eyes,

I think I was mistaken some things were in disguise.

But I keep falling for everything fake,

I don’t even realize what’s at stake.

Everything comes back and now it’s taking it’s toll,

So open your heart and surrender your soul.

I used to come up with quotes (just a few) then write a poem around them. “Open your heart and surrender your soul” was this one. ❤️

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