Oh constant misery to which I am bound

Will you ever give me a chance to be found

I don’t want to be content in your arms

I don’t want to give in anymore to self harm

I hung my head right into your rope

Just unwrap your hands from around my throat

I’ve never asked for anything in return but I’m running out of things to give

You never gave me a chance to live

You built your chains around my arms and feet

I for so long believed that I’d been beat

You crept your way into my blood and mind when I was too young to understand

As I continued to grow up you were right there to hold my hand

I grew all to comfortable in your haunting embrace

I found beauty in all that had fallen from grace

I was not soothed by the calm ocean but rather by a raging storm

You were lurking in the shadows taking on so many different forms

Happy wasn’t something I was trying to be

After I gave myself to you dear misery

I don’t want to be here we need to let each other go

You’re killing me slowly and I don’t want to be comfortable just with what I know

When you got your grip on me you held on so tight

If I began to feel okay you’d come out to fight

I know I will never be rid of you completely

You’ll be in my mind whispering to me discreetly

I can only try not to listen try not to give in

Be reminded of such by the scars on my skin

I thought you were beautiful when I looked to the sky

But I can’t continue my life hoping to die

I can’t continue not being able to sleep

I can’t continue trying so hard not to weep

I can’t continue living with so much hate

It only brings me down makes me feel irate

Sometimes I forget to breathe you don’t even care

How can you want to hold onto something that causes such despair

The mind controls everything and you’ve taken over it

This time though I’m going to try hard not to quit

Sometimes I don’t even feel anything at all which might be the worst

You fill me with so many bad things I feel I’m going to burst

You’ve been there with me through dark valleys

Held your arms around me through back alleys

You are burning me from the inside out I still have time to grow

So my beloved misery, it’s time for me to let you go

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