Cruel Like You

Now I don’t like to drink too much

But you got me hoping that I don’t wake up

Now I’m tripping and stumbling and I’m slurring my words

I just want to say I wish you knew how it hurts

Stop this suffering. Won’t somebody. Give me a lobotomy. It is smothering. I can’t breathe.

If I were cruel like you. There’s no payback I wouldn’t do

I would stab you in the back

Push my knife to your heart

Put a clamp around it

Squeezing tighter and tighter

Just when it’s about to pop

I will leave it where it is

Then I will take my knife making incisions all over

It’ll be hard for your heart to beat

You would be gasping for air

Then YOU would not be able to breathe

I will put down my knife and take your heart in both my hands

It’ll be warm and trying to pump

But the clamp is awfully tight

I will pause and almost reconsider

But then I will remember what you did

And in the blink of an eye I will rip your heart right from your chest

As I turn to leave

I will throw it right in the trash

Then walk away as if I did nothing to you

If I were cruel like you. That’s what I would do.

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