Every Hello

With every hello I know you’ll tell me goodbye

I act like it’s fine but I’m ripping inside

Looking into your eyes the harder I breathe

So many thoughts in my head but I just start to freeze

When we touch, a flame ignites

Wanting you to take me to new heights

I feel alive when we kiss

I’m addicted to this

Feeling high on love and lust

There’s nobody else like this that I trust

Skin touching skin

I’m burning within

Light me up and we can melt together

Our bodies wrapped up pretending it’s forever

I know that in time I will look to my side and there you will no longer be

Wanting to reach out to hold you but you’re walking away from me

I smile and say bye as I’m trying not to cry

I want to tell you to stay but I hold it inside

One thought on “Every Hello

  1. As usual, very BEAUTIFUL ly stated. For some of those that feel goodbyes are of necessity, they also feel an equal amount of regret. Good work kiddo.

    Liked by 1 person

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