Siren of the Sea

She sings a song to lure them in

A sirens song, a curse to men

They cant steer away, they cant turn around

All they do is follow her sound


A bewitching voice and lustrous hair

Enticing lips with a captivating stare

She draws them in closer, to the shore

With an alluring tune that they can’t ignore


If even one man were to resist her call

She’d jump off the cliff, ending it all

She walks aboard the wrecked ships to tear them apart

Holding last in her hands their once beating heart


One afternoon she was walking by

When a man on the shore caught her eye

Trying to get his attention she started to sing

But she didn’t know he couldn’t hear a thing


When he looked up he saw a woman about to jump off a ledge

He hurried up the jagged rocks to pull her from the edge

She vowed to never call another man as he held onto her hand

He fell for her inside her eyes so together they will stand

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