She’s Screaming

Trying to pick up the pieces

Of her shattered life

But she only has two hands

And she’s already lost this fight


It’s alright

She’s been the adult since she was a little girl

She’s sat pretty and stayed polite

Now she’s screaming “f*ck the world”


People didn’t notice

Because she didn’t want them to

Oh she can talk?

Yeah and f*ck you too!


She cares about everybody

But she doesn’t like anyone

People want to take advantage

Watch out for the bullets from her gun


Obviously the metaphorical one

She says very little but she sees a lot

And all the sh*t that she’s done

It was all for naught


I guess this is what happens

When she doesn’t care anymore

About what people say or think

She’s been screaming behind this door

Being pushed closer to the brink


She let it out

For all to know

Now all she can do

Is just let go

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