Good Friends (depression and anxiety)

Through the haunting dark past the hate, past the low self-esteem and insecurities about: looks, weight, intelligence, ability, skills and love, past the envy, past the loss, past the pain, tucked away inside a cave ready to come out swinging whenever it wants… is

d e p r e s s i o n

Depression likes to make you cry when it is quiet. It likes to stay in bed. Depression likes to wrap you up and keep you comfortable. So comfortable you won’t ever want to get up but at the same time depression likes to lay with you and remind you of how powerless you are. It likes to lay with you and remind you of every bad thing you think you’ve ever done.. only serving to make a point of how worthless you are too. How you will never amount to anything, never DO anything…. Starting with getting out of bed.


Through blinding lights and chaotic traffic past the jealousy, past the mistrust, past the skepticism, past the fear, past the incessant worry and past the impending doom… across from it’s friend depression.. Is


Anxiety likes to get your heart racing from fear. It likes to make you scared and paranoid at random times or just all the time. Anxiety likes to hold your chest in vice grips squeezing tighter just because it can. It makes you overreact. Anxiety likes to keep you up all night worrying about things you can’t change. It laughs at you. Anxiety is going a million miles an hour and you’re constantly on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop. It heckles you and it never. stops. talking.


Anxiety and depression have become good friends now. They often invite other friends to join in. Sometimes they leave… but other times.. They too like to make a home inside the cave.

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