Finding My Voice

I bleed for the page

Cut myself open spill the ink from my veins

Pour my heart out trying to release my own chains

But the feeling remains

Im trapped in a cage

I like to tell a story or I have nothing to say

You get a glimpse of who I am but I’m fading away

Getting lost in a haze

My memory cant hold on to the days

Dissociate and memories fade

I didnt want to open myself up this way

But im caring less every day

I write about the things that weigh heavy on my mind

So that in real life I can say that Im fine

I write about the feelings I carry

That once I get out I would tend to bury

Nowadays I cant seem to find the right words

To use as a bandaid to cover the hurt

Things are leaking out from all sides

Its apparent I can’t continue to hide

Have to let go of my pride

Everything Ive been holding inside is about to explode I wasnt given a choice

Now my only option is to find my own voice

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