Good Friends (depression and anxiety)

Through the haunting dark past the hate, past the low self-esteem and insecurities about: looks, weight, intelligence, ability, skills and love, past the envy, past the loss, past the pain, tucked away inside a cave ready to come out swinging whenever it wants… is d e p r e s s i o n Depression … Continue reading Good Friends (depression and anxiety)


Thank You!! First 25 followers

So I don't really do too well with addressing people personally, especially those I've never met. I think of how I want to write and the words just never seem to come out the way I want them to. That aside, I did just want to take the time to say thank you for reading, … Continue reading Thank You!! First 25 followers

Passing Thoughts (a conversation with myself)

Do you need to turn off the electric to a certain room before taking out an electrical socket? Well do you want to get electrocuted? Uhh... well, yeah. That might not be a bad thing. Nodding to myself in agreement. - It is always best to turn off the power to whatever area you are … Continue reading Passing Thoughts (a conversation with myself)