Poetry on Instagram

Hey everyone! I have started posting short versions of my poems on instagram. I have been posting daily recently. If anybody is interested in going and following me on there as well, I would appreciate it. My username is Starryeyed159 .. see you there! 😉


Battles Within

Whispering wind, silent cries A pain that awakens and never dies A touch of love never to be mine A feeling that fades more in time They want me to believe this is livin' Just a person hallowed out by everything that I've given Sometimes I want to fight back Think that maybe I'm on … Continue reading Battles Within

Passing Thoughts (a conversation with myself)

Do you need to turn off the electric to a certain room before taking out an electrical socket? Well do you want to get electrocuted? Uhh... well, yeah. That might not be a bad thing. Nodding to myself in agreement. - It is always best to turn off the power to whatever area you are … Continue reading Passing Thoughts (a conversation with myself)